The Volcanic Emissions Group, lead by Dr. I. Matthew Watson, has members in two universities; the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol and in the Department of Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences at Michigan Technological University.  Our interests are in using ground- and satellite-based remote sensing techniques to detect and quanitfy volcanic emissions to address problems related to volcanology, climatic and environmental impacts and aviation hazard. We use a range of instruments senstive at ultraviolet or infrared wavelengths and currently consist of group leader, 5 post-doctoral research associates, 2 PhDs student and 1 MRes student.  We also have 37 alumni. Many of the students are or were enrolled in the MRes in the Science of Natural Hazards at the University of Bristol.

Volcanic Emissions Group

Santiaguito volcano, Guatemala, in eruption. Photo was taken during a night climb as part of the MSc in Natural Hazards field trip 05/06 [L.Cespedes]

IMG_8009 VEG_symbol 024

Agua volcano, Guatemala, from the summit of Fuego. Photo was taken during a climb as part of the MSc in Natural Hazards field trip 08/09 [M.Watson]